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Episode #2 - Sure tastes like Tuscany to me

In this episode of WineWire TV, Adam and Nelson taste three different wines from Tuscany all made with the Sangiovese grape. Who knew that Tuscany could produce so many different styles. We have no doubt there is a style that will make you smile.

Wines Featured in this Episode


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Thumb_avatar WineWireNelson
“Hi Karen, When youthful, tannins can be astringent/agressive (make the mouth feel very dry, grippy, chewy or even rough like sandpaper) and often mask delicate flavours in a wine. As a wine ages tannins soften and as a result provide a smoother drinking experience. When I say the tannins are "tight" I mean they are assertive (but not overwhelming) and show their youth. So if I'm going to drink the wine in the short-term I'd prefer it with food as food will absorb the tannin and balance the experience. If I choose to hold onto the wine I'll be rewarded with a smoother, more evolved wine.”
Thumb_default karenvianna
“Hi Nelson, When you were tasting the La Mozza, what did you mean by the "tannins are tight? What exactly are you describing/tasting when you say that?”

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