About Adam & Nelson

Who we are:

Adam Bekhor


With his background in retail banking and marketing, Adam Bekhor brings solid business credentials to the table as WineWire’s co-founder and Chief Executive Officer. He also paddles a mean canoe and has lugged his snowboard around the world in search of the white fluffy stuff.

With an MBA from the Rotman School of Management at the University of Toronto and an Honours BA from Queen’s University in Geography and Economics, Adam is well prepared to combine his business acumen with his passion for wine and the great outdoors.

Adam is currently a candidate with the Wine & Spirit Education Trust diploma program.

Given a choice of any wine in the world to drink, Adam would choose a 1982 Chateau Latour sitting on the banks of the Sevogle River near Miramichi, New Brunswick with a fly rod at his side watching the salmon jump.

Nelson Abreu


Wine Wire’s co-founder and Chief Operating Officer Nelson Abreu’s background has long been in the wine industry. An avid snowboarder who once raised an albino shark-fish named RedEye, Nelson leveraged his status as a high school valedictorian with an affinity for business and economics to earn himself an Honours BA from the University of Toronto in Political Science.

Armed with his degree, Nelson soon launched his career as an executive search consultant. However, inspired by his long-time love of amateur winemaking and staying true to his entrepreneurial passion, Nelson made the wise decision to switch career paths and founded The Canadian Signature Wine Company and 30.50 Imports, a successful Ontario wine agency dedicated to the marketing and sales of imported wines.

He has earned his diploma with the Wine & Spirit Education Trust and was elected a member of the Wine Judges Commission of Canada.

If Nelson could drink any one bottle of rare wine right now, it would be an 18th Century Malmsey that he would share with his grandparents, sitting by the sea on Madeira Island.